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Donut mogul, chef, fashion icon and comedian, Frida DeGuise is the quintessential Australian comedian; in a scarf.

A self-proclaimed ‘Wogan’ (part ‘wog’ – part bogan), this 5ft  Australian-born, Lebanese Muslim makes up in heart what she lacks in height. She’s gregarious, hilarious and driven by a comedic tenacity and ambition rarely seen in this country. And it’s this absolute passion for comedy that makes Frida such a joy to watch.

One of the few Muslim comedians in Australia this unique, mother-of-four is creating huge waves in the comedy industry and smashing racial stereotypes and cultural divides in the process. Recently, she’s featured on such prestigious shows as the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Gala and Nazeem Hussain’s Stand Up for Christchurch and is a regular fixture in iconic comedy clubs across the country.

She is funny, dynamic and outspoken about all the things that society says we probably shouldn’t talk about.  Being a Muslim woman, wearing a Metallica shirt and the things you can hide in a hijab all get a mention, as she makes comment on her everyday life with hysterical honesty. Kids, husbands, racism, religion, sex – nothing is sacred, or safe.

Honoring the title of Australia’s only female, Islamic, hijab-wearing comic, Frida gives audiences an insight into her world with her rules. Controversial, sassy and with a brashness tempered perfectly with effortless, joyful charisma she will have you laughing with her and despite yourself until your cheeks hurt.

Having toured on the annual comedy hit show ‘A Very Woggy Xmas Gala’ with Joe Avati, comedy sensation Tahir (‘Habib’ of Fat Pizza), and Gabriel Rossi, Frida DeGuise really is the hottest rising star in comedy right now.



"An Australian Muslim female comedian - whatever you think that might mean, prepare for your preconceptions to be dashed!"


 "Deguise deflects prejudice with bold, uncensored quippery.


 "She’s more than just a one-joke pony, with her material on working in retail and having a hoarder husband some of her best!"

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